Debunking Online Slot Myths

Debunking Online Slot Myths

Online slots remain amongst the most popular choice for online gaming when playing at the biggest online casinos, and as many modern options offer hundreds of different choices from classics to modern through three-line slots all the way to video slots – with so many players and the history of casinos as a whole, there are always myths associated with each game type and slots are certainly no different. Many of the most popular options in slots can be found here if you are still looking, particularly for opportunities found not registered to initiatives such as Gamstop, and we’ll debunk some of the biggest myths around online slot machines on these services.

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Are online slots truly random? –Modern options for both online and offline slot machines all require Random Number Generator (RNG) software in order to meet the many gambling regulations around the world – whilst early on there may have been some untrusted services that wouldn’t use this software, it’s much less common now, and impossible if you stick to trusted services. Each time you press to spin, the RNG software kicks in, providing a truly random roll – since this is required, you can be certain that the online slots you’re playing at are truly random.

Can you predict a slot machine pay-out? – There are many that swear by the fact that machines can be due a pay-out – whilst likely more common in land-based casinos as players can watch others who may be on a losing streak and try to predict a machine being close to putting out the jackpot, that’s not a possibility for online options – even disregarding this, the RNG software that is required in these machines means that every roll is random, it won’t keep track of how many spins a certain player has had, and as such can’t be determined if a win is on the way. The reality is that the odds are truly a 50/50 – either you’re a winner, or you’re not, and RNG holds no favourites.

Does beginners luck exist on the slots? – We all known someone who has only played a handful of spins and walked away with a huge prize, leading many to believe in beginners’ luck – however this likely just comes from looking back at positive experiences, and the first big win as a newcomer is certainly one of those. If you’re hoping to bounce around a number of sites to experience your own beginners’ luck on a new service, sadly it just isn’t something that exists, and the RNG software is enough support that sometimes a win can just happen, beginner or no.