Fun Facts About Slot Machines

Fun Facts About Slot Machines

Nowadays slot machines are a familiar enough part of the modern world, especially on the Internet. And their presence is no longer a surprise to anyone. But only 125 years ago they did not exist. The first video slot was invented only in 1897 by Charles Fey. And this device was quite different from the ones we are used to dealing with today.

What’s interesting about the history of slot machines

Today, the game slot provider Evoplay, as well as other sharks gambling industry offer video slots, the control panel is reminiscent of a spaceship, and they are presented in such a wide variety of subjects that a beginner is easy to get confused in choosing. But the very first gaminator is unlikely to particularly impress today’s users.

It was slightly larger than a telephone machine and had three reels and a knob to jerk – the ancestor of the Start button on a modern gaminator. There were only 5 images from which to form a prize sequence, and one spin of the reels cost 5 cents. The maximum win was 50 cents. The lucky recipient of the money immediately poured it into a special tray at the bottom. Hence, by the way, the sound of dropping coins in many modern automatons simulates the moment when the prize money falls into the possession of the user. This looked very impressive at the time, so the invention quickly attracted the attention of gambling users.

And the first machines could not boast too diverse themes. It is today on Evoplay.Games you can find and apparatus dedicated to adventure, and those based on some fairy tales, movies, fantasy, detective, and funny… In a word, the lack of variety does not have to complain. But on the drums of the first emulators could see only fruit and card symbols – spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs. But gamers at the time, and this was enough. In addition, the industry has developed quite rapidly. And this is not an unfounded statement: just look at the abundance of themes offered by modern slot machines.

By the way, even the meager choice at the time did not stop one Indian businessman from literally falling in love with Fay’s creations. He stayed with the machines for almost a week, and when he returned home he persuaded his company to invest in the purchase of American slot machines. And it must be said that the idea was a success and brought the Indian and his executives a runaway profit.

In America itself, after a while, the machines were banned, but their manufacturers have not stopped it. They found various ways to circumvent this ban. For example, in public places installed gum vending machines, and drums which were applied images of delicacies with different flavors. And the winner was the one who achieved that simultaneously appeared on the screens three of the same picture – according to the classical rules, which are still in force today. After prohibition became more severe, including outside America, slot machines moved to the Internet. It seemed that here they would not be as popular, because in the virtual space is not the same unique gambling atmosphere. But no – a large selection, ease of play, and accessibility have made them even more popular. And the quality and variety of products from Evoplay contribute to the fact that interest in gambling machines with each passing day is only increasing.