Best Online Slots in the UK

Best Online Slots in the UK

Making a choice about which slot games to play when you’re visiting an online casino is a tough one. There are thousands of different games, many of them unique, and more coming out and being developed all the time. So how can you know that you’re making the right choice? How can you know that you’re not wasting your time? One of the best ways is to check out our article below, listing just some of the very best online slots in the UK. This will certainly help you to get a good start, and might push you in the right direction when it comes to finding slots you want to play at WizardSlots

Zuma Slots

One of the UK’s all time favourite slots is Zuma, which was actually inspired by a video game by Popcap. Zuma is a great game to play since it has 20 paylines across five reels, making it fairly simple to keep on top of and you can certainly have fun watching the action as it unfolds. Watch out for the frog symbols, as finding three of these is going to trigger your bonus round, and this – as with most slots – is where the biggest payouts are to be found. When you’re playing the bonus round, you have to shoot a Tikki boss, at which point you’ll be awarded free spins, so there is some action and some skill required. Perfect for those who want something a little extra with their online slots. 

When you’re done with the free spins, you need to shoot another boss (there are four of them in total) and you’ll get a multiplier on your free spins. Plus watch out for the Zuma symbol as this is the wild and can substitute for anything else on the reels, so could be very useful. 


How much fun is a good old fashioned game of Monopoly? It’s a lot of fun, as everyone knows, even when family arguments break out about who owes rent to who. So why not take that fun and turn it into an online slot? That’s exactly what’s happened here and now the world’s most famous board game is a slot that you just have to play. 

It’s true that when you first look at this slot you’ll spot that the graphics are not quite as sophisticated as some other slots you might see and play. However, the gameplay makes up for it, and in fact, after a while you won’t even notice how it looks since there are so many other bonuses and symbols to be looking out for. When you pass go, for example, you’ll be inundated with free rolls (because you play using a dice, of course), and there are instant bonuses too. 

Double Bubble

Five reels and 20 paylines seems to be the norm for games that are going to entertain and potentially pay out a good sum of money. Of course, you don’t have to play all 20 lines at a time, and you can certainly save money and extend your gameplay if you opt for a cheaper system, but by playing all 20 you’ll be sure you’re not missing out on anything, and that can be what makes or breaks the game overall for you. Since the maximum payout is 30,000 times what you put in, your maximum stake of £10 could easily increase to a very nice payday indeed.