Know the attractive regular bonuses offered by the casinos

Know the attractive regular bonuses offered by the casinos

As the penetration of the Internet is continuing to increase in different homes and offices of the world, so is the massive growth in the popularity of online gambling and gaming through various casino websites. Keeping with the trend, thousands of casino websites are coming up every day and each one of them is trying to get new gamers and at the same time, trying to keep hold of the existing ones. To meet up the expectations of their gamers, the casino websites offer incentives in the form of bonuses on different levels to hold them back on their website.

So before you join any particular casino website for playing, you must know which of them offers a good bonus and which bonus will be suitable for your financial needs and investment capacity. Hence it is very much necessary to go through a reputed bookmaker review site and study about the different types of bonuses and what is their opinion about it. If you want to know about the bonuses offered by the casino website, go to the bookmaker review site Silentbet and feel free to read more about Unibet and its casino. With the right guide of bonuses, it will help you to earn more while you join this casino for gambling.

Let us have a look at the different types of casino bonuses which you should never miss out on.

The Sign-up bonus

These are given to the new gamers just to give him or her booster to start playing or entering the world of gambling. Since at the initial stage, most new players hesitate to join the website, this is an indirect way of luring to the site so that the new player feels attracted and joins the website and makes some investment for gambling.

This bonus comes in two ways – one is a fixed bonus and the other is a percentage bonus. A fixed bonus means your account will be credited with a fixed amount whatever may be the investment amount. The percentage bonus refers to a certain percentage of the investment amount being credited to the gamer’s account. If the investment amount is more, as a percentage of the bonus, a higher amount will be credited to the account with the help of which, you can go for higher bets and your chances of winning more money increases to a great extent.

Loyalty Programs

Whatever may be the size of the deposit bonus, the well will always go dry after a certain point of time and if you want to continue playing after that, you need to put more money and refund it.To keep the regular players happy and see that they do not leave the site, many online casino websites offer a loyalty program on the repeat investments which each player makes at different stages. These loyalty programs are of two different types –previous play and additional deposits.

Additional deposits are given to the player in the first week of every month and the amount is decided on the amount of investment he has made in the previous month. This particular bonus has two different types –Percentage bonus and match bonus.

In percentage bonus type, a cash deposit is made in the first week of the month and the amount is calculated based on the amount of money the gamer has invested in the whole month. While in the match bonus type, the deposit is made depending on the first deposit of the previous month. If your first deposit in the previous month is $50, you will get an additional match deposit of $50 this month.