Bizarre Casino Facts You Didn’t Know

Bizarre Casino Facts You Didn’t Know

From ringing phone booths that never stop ringing to 1980s-era gold etchings said to contain unfulfilled wishes from Elvis, casinos are full of these fascinating tidbits and myths that will leave your head spinning! By debunking these urban legends and bringing to you the weird and wonderful facts of Las Vegas lore, we hope you will feel a new level of excitement and adventure on your next vacation to Sin City!

Did you know that the sandwich was invented by an Earl of Sandwich who was so busy gambling he never stopped long enough to actually eat? Supposedly, he came up with the culinary innovation because he was too busy playing his cards to ever stop and go to the dining hall!

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

Tic-tac-toe is the game that you fill in nine dots in a three-by-three grid with Xs and Os. The first person who gets in three (in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally) wins. And chickens can play it! Lily the Bird Brain once stood in her box on New York City’s Mott Street in the Chinatown Fair arcade looking like a birdcage until somebody placed a quarter in the slot below her window, at which point she stood there until somebody put a quarter in the slot below her window.

As soon as a player ‘pecked’ her selection on the video screen above her, it would display where the chicken should put her X or O; then when she ‘pecked’ at that spot a light behind her would light up. If you were an opponent, you would enter your moves on an adjacent board before the chicken won – or a tie was called (and play would end on that note).


But Casinos ∽ Gambling sports some of the most fascinating myths, legends and storytelling around: from things that can’t possibly be true (a woman wins 25 million dollars at slot machines!), all the way to the real (atomic bomb parties at casinos), or disgusting (poker chip markers – adult diapers?). No matter how much you gamble, if you like Casinos ∽ Gambling, you should find something here to keep you guessing.

But how much of it is fact? Whichever way you spin it, knowledge of these fascinating casino facts should lend an extra dash of enjoyment and intrigue to your next blackjack or roulette session. Take five, and celebrate its long tradition, folklore and outlandish stories that helped forge it: just remember – do it responsibly!

Touchdown Blitz

Dragon Gaming has released Touchdown Blitz to bring some of the excitement of NFL sports betting to its online casino. Touchdown Blitz is a fast-paced crash game that takes place on a gridiron and involves watching as Tom Brady the quarterback throws Hail Mary balls high into the air that keep multiplying the win multiplier soaring, reaching a maximum payout of 10,000x, making this a great game for both casual and high roller players.

Casino and gambling culture offers countless stories. Would-be gamblers and gaming historians alike should take the time to savour its history, its lore and its legends, which have driven the industry onward.