Different types of Baccarat games and which ones are good for playing

Different types of Baccarat games and which ones are good for playing

One of the most popular casino games is Baccarat. Gamblers all over the world have played it for centuries. As it travelled around the world, the game of baccarat has been enriched by contributions made by each country.  Hence, the game has many variations. However, the basic rules of the game remain the same – all the face cards are valued zero and the other cards are worth their numerical value. Before you play the game in any casino website, you must read some reviews about it. If you go through the Nostrabet review site you will get to know more about Betwinner’s casino rating with pros and cons, which will help you in choosing the right type of game and the sign-up process.

Now, let us take a look at the various versions of the game.

3 Card Baccarat

In this version of the game, which is popular in Macau, 3 cards are dealt out by the dealer from a single deck of 52 cards. The cards are dealt with each player and the dealers themselves as well. The scoring rules are similar to the regular version of the game. The difference is that the hand with all three face cards is the best and the one with a 9 is the second-best. In case of a tie with the banker, the hand with more face cards is the winner.

Chemin de fer

This is a French version of the game having originated in Italy. In this version, the game is played with six decks of cards instead of the traditional seven. A player can act as the banker and the croupier only shuffles the cards.  Players in turn can become bankers. The cards are dealt face down instead of face up. The decision to draw the third card is made by the player. The player who places the biggest bet gets the chance of playing first followed by others. This game is normally played in the VIP section of the casinos and the lowest bet permissible is usually high.


This form of the game has its origin in Cuba and involves a large table with the highest number of players. 14 players can play in this game at one time. The terms Punto and Banco are given to players and bankers respectively. There can be three dealers in this version of the game. This game uses six to eight decks of cards, which are shuffled and dealt by the croupier or the dealer. Here the players do not decide on the third card as the dealer deals it.

Mini Baccarat

This version of the game is the most popular the world over. It is played around a smaller table as only seven players play the game. Due to the lesser number of players this game is played with only one croupier instead of three. This baccarat is played in open areas and is not roped off in VIP enclosures. 

Baccarat Banque

In this version of the game, one of the players plays the role of dealer throughout the game. This is popular in Europe where big bet options are offered.

Choosing the best baccarat variant

The popularity of the game in different countries has given birth to its variants. As such, it is difficult to state which version of the game is the best. However, measuring the scale of popularity, the best is the mini-baccarat. There are mainly two things about the game, which is more attractive than the others. The first – the bet size can be as low as $5, and the second – it has a fast-playing rate as the dealer handles the entire show. As such, players can try their luck on a larger number of games with a small budget.