Video Game Critics Is Against This New Bill

Video Game Critics Is Against This New Bill

A bill recently introduced in the State of Minnesota which would ban the sale of video games for younger players without loot boxes has also introduced a stern warning to retailers selling these types of games: “This game contains a highly addictive gambling-style mechanism which can promote the development of an addictive gaming disorder that leads to unhealthy physical or psychological health consequences and can expose gamers to harms such as suicide attempts and thoughts of harming others.” According to the bill, a retailer could sell loot boxes only if it has a complete list of all the games they contain. If a gamer buys any game he can’t be sure that it’s not included in his game package. It is also proposed that the games should only be sold online where there is an abundance of online gaming communities and gaming sites.

There are many parents who have already expressed their views about the bill that would prohibit video games without loot boxes from being sold to younger players because they believe that video games are too complex for them to comprehend. But most people think this bill would increase the profits of game manufacturers because they would be able to sell more of these types of games at lower prices.

But critics of this proposal say that gaming companies have already been getting into the video game industry for quite some time now, making them aware of the various problems related to these games. This is one of the reasons why some companies are already taking precautionary measures by issuing statements to its employees not to download or purchase such types of video games without the proper consent.

The video game industry is highly competitive especially among the major gaming companies in the country. The biggest players in the industry are already aware that new types of video games for the younger generation are coming out each year. These types of video games are mostly developed by small independent developers and publishers and because of this competition, the prices of these games have been falling. This is also why most companies are offering their most recent products for sale at lower prices.

Another reason why the video game industry is already starting to move away from loot boxes is because they believe this type of system will lead to addictive behaviors in children. Most children have already developed a strong sense of urgency to win the next game prize in order to acquire it.

Some video game players have also already developed an addiction towards these types of games. This is why they have started to gamble on these video games and spend more time searching for their next gaming prize even when the first one is already obtained.